Esports Is an Extension of India’s Economic Growth: JetSynthesys – IGN India

Esports Is an Extension of India’s Economic Growth: JetSynthesys – IGN India

Rajan Navani is quite likely the most self-aware executive in the Indian games industry. The vice chairman and managing director of Real Cricket and Sachin Saga company JetSynthesys makes no qualms about his knowledge of the space — a yardstick that most tend to judge anyone in the business by, but makes up for it with an approach that’s a lot more holistic and all-encompassing than you’d expect from someone running a video games company.

IGN India caught up with Navani to discuss JetSynthesys’ recent acquisition of esports company Sky Esports, what it means for its cricket games, and more.

With JetSynthesys’ buyout of Sky Esports is the company’s bid to build competitive gaming in India at the grassroots level. The move results in a new entity known as Jet Skyesports. While it has one eye on esports being a medal event at next year’s Asian Games, the other is to bolster its own titles like Real Cricket and Sachin Saga, Navani tells us.

More importantly, it gives the company the opportunity to create a “virtual digital platform” for everybody that plays games Navani tells me, referring to a recent Deloitte study that claims that 87 percent of Gen Z and over 83 percent of millennials play video games.

He believes esports to be an extension of India’s economic growth in addition to simply helping JetSynthesys improve on its products.

“We’re going to be a $5 trillion economy by 2025 or 2030 which is also PM’s vision,” he says citing Source…