Fracture, VALORANT’s latest map, is now live in ranked queue – Dot Esports

Fracture, VALORANT’s latest map, is now live in ranked queue – Dot Esports

It’s time to get sweaty, VALORANT fans. Fracture is now available in Competitive mode.

The new H-shaped map introduces a unique concept to VALORANT, with defenders spawning in the middle and attackers able to pinch them from multiple sides. While Fracture may be a bit more complex than its predecessors, players have had two weeks to learn the ins and outs of the map. And now it’s time to climb the ranked ladder.

Up until now, VALORANT players were only able to play Fracture in non-ranked queues. Riot added a temporary Fracture-only mode for those dedicated to mastering the new map. But Fracture was also placed in the map rotation for Spike Rush, Replication, and Unrated queues. The new map will now enter Competitive mode, while the Fracture-only queue is removed.

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At first glance, Fracture appears to favor defenders. Since their spawn area is far larger than attackers, they have ample time to prepare and lock down sites with traps. But with the map now available in ranked queues, any potential discrepancies should become more apparent.

Fracture also features a potential agent teaser and several nods to VALORANT‘s lore, expanding on the mirrorverse at the crux of the tac shooter’s story. Players can expect those story elements to be updated with each patch.

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