How to flick in Rocket League – Dot Esports

How to flick in Rocket League – Dot Esports

The flick is one of the most important skills for mid to upper level Rocket League players, especially when competing in the one-vs-one playlist.

This offensive technique is used to throw the ball off the top of your car by using various types of dodges. It is useful for juking opponents, setting up passes, and of course, shooting on goal. Those who master the flick are fearsome foes in this game, so many aspire to learn this technique. 

What makes the flick so effective is the amount of control that the player flicking the ball has and how much power the flick can generate nearly instantaneously. When the flick is properly executed, the flicking player will have precise control over when and how they flick the ball, which keeps defenders on their toes and gives the attacker a huge advantage.

The skill of flicking, like most highly technical skills, can only be developed with many hours of practice. For those who aspire to attain this mechanical skill, here are the basic tips and tricks to get you started flicking.

The basics of learning to flick

The dribble

Before you can learn how to master the on-demand flick, you must be able to dribble with a relatively high level of control. Dribbling is when you balance the ball on the top or front area of your car while moving across the field at speed. 

Dribbling is an intermediate skill which is accomplished in one of two ways. You