How to Get Rocket League Esports Decals – DBLTAP

How to Get Rocket League Esports Decals – DBLTAP

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Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

The Rocket League Championship Series, more frequently know as RLCS, is Rocket League’s rapidly growing esports team. With such an active fan base, Rocket League has an Esports Shop allowing teams to purchase items and show support for their favorite team.

That Esports Shop will soon see a massive expansion as Rocket League adds tons of new decals for teams and gives players new ways to signal their fandom. Here’s what players should know about purchasing these decals, including when they go live!

Psyonix has announced that an update next will we add a whopping 34 new esport team decals to the Esports shop! This update will go live on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. EST.

The available decals will include new decals for all pre-existing teams who currently have items in the Esports Shop. Additionally, decals for teams in the new RLCS Oceania and South America regions will available upon the update going live. These “Team Decals” as Rocket League is calling them will be available for the Dominus, Fennec, and Octane and cost 300 Esports Tokens each.