Learn About Esports: How It Is Done and Where You Can Study It – Devdiscourse

Learn About Esports: How It Is Done and Where You Can Study It – Devdiscourse

In this digital world, you don’t have to play on the grass to feel immersed in your favorite sport. The covid-19 pandemic saw significant sports world changes: no matches in the stadiums, no soccer weekends, and no participating in physically exerting sporting activities.

If not for esports, we would have as well forgotten that sports exist. Esports provide people with more or less the same experience that physical sports would. Players get to experience the spirit of teamwork, strategy, and communication.

An interesting thing to know is that just like traditional sports, there are scholarships for esports. Up to date, many players who have participated in leagues have won scholarship opportunities.

How it is done in schools

The last year saw an increase in the integration of esports in education. Schools are encouraging students to join esports and participate in leagues after realizing the positive effects it has on students.

Students participating in esports have improved attention, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

High schools have made this possible by starting esports teams. This is what it takes to create an esports club:

  1. Finding educators with interest in gaming. Finding a teacher that will endorse esports in the school is the first step.
  2. Letting everyone know about the club. This is to draw interest from gamers or students who are interested in esports to join. Let all stakeholders know to also get support to get the club up and running.
  3. Design a structure for the club, recruit, and communicate. Have an official structure