Skokie Public Library: BOOMbox At Home: Gaming 101 –

Skokie Public Library: BOOMbox At Home: Gaming 101 –

May 19, 2021

Playing cards is a family tradition for many of us. My Grandma and her friends played Kalooki (or Kaluki) every Friday afternoon at our kitchen table. Kalooki is a gin rummy game played with two decks of cards, including the jokers. As I was struggling to remember multiplication facts, it was astonishing to watch these “old ladies” play with 108 cards. They could remember every card on the table and who put them there.

Since then, scientists have proven that playing games improves concentration and memory. And online games have psychological benefits, like lowering stress, relaxing the mind, improving time management and critical thinking skills, teaching empathy and other social skills, and supporting mental health. All while having fun with friends!

Parents often limit game time for children, but it may be more important to limit what kids are doing than how long they’re online. A TEDx talk about embracing your gamer kid helps educate parents about why more online game time could be a good thing. Not to mention, with about 120 collegiate eSports teams, gaming skills might just provide a route to a college scholarship (check back for more information about eSports in a future BOOMbox at Home blog post).

Why Do We Like Games?

Companies like Quantic Foundry study gamers and gaming to learn why we play. Their work helps game developers