The best Aphelios decks in Legends of Runeterra – Dot Esports

The best Aphelios decks in Legends of Runeterra – Dot Esports

Legends of Runeterra’s newest champion from Targon released in a Champion Mini-Set Expansion before Empires of the Ascended—the first of its kind.

This initial expansion brought in Aphelios, the single-most complex card (accompanied by the longest accompanying text) in the game’s history. With new mechanics and five new weapons, any player trying to understand Aphelios will need to take the time to learn his ins and outs to truly master him.

Aphelios’ history, while short, has been an impactful one to LoR. Since his release, he’s found immediate competitive success. He dominated the ladder and helped assist in the second Seasonal Tournament with multiple appearances. After the tournament he received a notable nerf that reduced his health by one, making him more vulnerable to removal and weaker units and allowing for more counterplay. While Aphelios’ gameplay patterns are unique and varied each game, finding the right deck that fits your playstyle will be key to succeeding with him.

Here are some effective decklists to try out the Weapon of the Faithful.

Aphelios/Twisted Fate

  • Possible Tech Cards: Spacey Sketcher, Eclipse Dragon, Parrrley, Pick a Card

One of the standout decks from the initial launch of Aphelios’ release came from when he’s paired with Bilgewater. Twisted Fate was originally one of the most versatile “toolbox” champions that could answer different scenarios due to his Destiny Cards. As another toolbox champion thanks to Moon Weapons, both Aphelios