What advertising can learn from the world of gaming – The Drum

What advertising can learn from the world of gaming – The Drum

As part of The Drum‘s deep-dive into all things gaming, Verizon Media‘s Josh Partridge tells us why brands should consider gamifiying their ads – and how they can go about doing so.

With the rise of interactive formats in all forms of entertainment – from Netflix‘s decision-led Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, to try-on-at-home AR experiences in retail and VR films that put you ‘in the movie‘ – the lines between traditional ‘lean-back‘ linear entertainment and ‘gaming‘ (as in an interactive experience you control through a story) are blurring.

For advertisers considering a gaming strategy, you’ve got to look further afield to being in or next to games. That‘s on top of options within in-game OOH (or is that ‘out of world‘ ads?); Xbox video and landing experiences to reach millions of people on the big screen; in-menu ads with mobile gamers; and sponsorship in esports tournaments.

While gaming contexts cannot be ignored as a fantastic way to reach those audiences, there is a way to bring your brand to an even wider audience that has a penchant for interactive, engaging experiences outside of a pure ‘gaming’ context: gamification.

No, this doesn’t mean designing and creating entire new games and trying to publish them. It’s simply a way to bring the gaming experience into everyday formats and contexts that entice people to interact with your brand, offering them a richer and deeper interactive element to what would normally be a passive, viewing-only experience.

Here are a few hints and tips