What Can We Learn from the First Active Esports League? – MarketScale

What Can We Learn from the First Active Esports League? – MarketScale

The fans remember the highlights but the franchises remember the technology, data, and inventions that powered their season. Host Tyler Kern sits down with the innovators, leaders and founders that are taking sports into the future.

eSports has been growing in popularity, but a new concept takes it to a new level—combining physical activity and gameplay on a digital scale. Talking about the league’s launch, ValoLeague, on Salary Capped with Tyler Kern, were guests Janina Salo-Glasemann, Events and Competitions, Operations Manager, and Dr. Raine Kajastila, CEO and Founder, Valo Motion.

ValoLeague launched May 3, 2021, and is available in over 60 countries in over 700 locations. It includes Mixed-Reality (XR) trampoline and climbing walls. They use technology to make fitness social and competitive in the current world.

“We want to empower the people, and sports has a very competitive element, which people respond to and can see in real-time leaderboards.” -Janina Salo-Glasemann

“Playing sports and computer games are both very popular. This combines the two into a new concept,” Dr. Raine said.

While other eSports leagues exist, this one is truly unique. “The social aspect of connecting people globally and challenges them to compete and become better even if they aren’t in the same space,” Salo-Glasemann explained.

The idea’s catalyst was Dr. Raine’s post-doctorate work, trying to answer the question of motivating people to move. He described how the games they designed do this. “The games have the ability to build up endurance and improve.