Why AI Esports Is Stressing Out Game Developers – Entrepreneur

Why AI Esports Is Stressing Out Game Developers – Entrepreneur

Developers have to prepare for a new world – a world where players and bots play alongside each other.

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Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are buzzwords in this digital age. When we think of AI, visions of sci-fi robots fill our minds, but that’s not what it is all about. CV and AI in are about automation and efficiency, which is why both have found their way into the world of gaming. Let’s take a deep dive into AI and why the ability for players to make intelligent bots will change the face of gaming.

CV explained

CV in gaming is one of the sleeping giants that will move the gaming world towards the next dimension. CV powers , Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, yet, much more is possible. Merging the power of CV with the tactics of web scraping, one can make limitless masterpieces.

CV allows the applications of web scraping and to become a reality in games. A background in web scraping helps us identify what information is important at a given time. Source…